LOCK – Full Circle Lab Indonesia is a capacity-building program aimed at supporting Indonesian filmmakers, and their projects of films. LOCK stands for ‘Laboratorium Olah Cerita dan Kisah’. The 1st edition of the Lab took place in Jakarta in August 2019. After a too-long break notably due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are most excited to announce the 2nd edition of LOCK – Full Circle Lab Indonesia to take place in Jakarta in September 2023.


This Lab primarily consists of an incubator for fiction projects in development – both for features & shorts, together with a series of lectures run by the mentors.


LOCK – Full Circle Lab Indonesia is designed to address the diverse needs of film projects and professionals from across all regions of Indonesia, placing a particular emphasis on fostering story development and nurturing emerging talents within the industry.

The Lab takes on a comprehensive approach through plenary sessions, group activities, and one-on-one consultations. In these lab sessions, each project benefits from the collective expertise of multiple international mentors. These experts are divided to focus specifically on guiding script development, while the other tackles various production-related concerns, ensuring a well-rounded and tailored support system throughout the sessions.

Both sub-labs participate in a day of valuable lectures facilitated by some of the mentors. Scheduled for September 22, 2023, these lectures serve as an opportunity for participants to gain additional insights, expand their knowledge, and connect with a broader audience keen on the advancements in the film industry. The inclusive nature of these lectures further contributes to the Lab’s mission of fostering a collaborative and dynamic film community in Indonesia.

As a culmination of the Lab experience, a pitching event concludes with an awarding of film production grants and post-production support to 4 projects participating in the program.

Participants & Projects

The second edition of LOCK x Full Circle Lab Indonesia kicks off on September 18th and will run until the 24th in Jakarta coming back stronger after its first edition in 2019. Twenty-seven promising emerging film talents with short films and first feature film projects benefit from the lab.

An open call for applications was announced on July 19th, resulting in a substantial number of submissions received across the islands of Java, Sulawesi, and Kepulauan Nusa Tenggara including Bali. Six short films and five debut feature film projects are officially selected to take part in the lab sessions.

The selected projects showcase a diverse lineup of genres and experiences. While a majority consists of shorts and debut features, the lab welcomes the participation of both emerging and seasoned directors and producers. The spectrum of genres is diverse, spanning from dramas to comedic narratives, suspense, and fantasy.

Feature Film Projects


            Director: Najam Yardo

            Scriptwriter: Intan Nadya Maulida

            Producer: Yuh Rohana Meliala



Minah (55) is a widow who has been left by her husband three times, all of whom died after being married to her. She, who was also an ex-political prisoner in 1965, is not only labeled as a Gerwani (a woman organization that was banned and accused of being communist) but also as a Perempuan Bahu Laweyan, a cursed woman who believed could bring bad luck to her partner, even death. She once again gives hope for love and a chance to prove that she is not bringing the curse after Rusmin (60), whose beloved wife just bereaved, enters Minah’s life and begins to get closer to her. At first, this is a romance between two elderly lone people who share their loneliness together, search for reasons to live despite the societal norms that confine them. Until one day, Minah discovers the reason for Rusmin’s attitude: to look for death through a curse that people say Minah has.



            Director / Scriptwriter: Din Damar

            Producer / Scriptwriter: Ellen Xie

            Animation, Drama, Comedy


Nala, a spirited 19-year-old, dreams of freedom and independence from her quirky yet a love-deprived family after college. A pesky university fine puts her plans on the line until she meets Mike, a charming and successful man. Believing he’s her ticket to a brighter future, Nala hilariously sets out to win his heart. Amidst side-splitting laughter and bonding over dysfunctional family tales, Nala and Mike’s connection grows. But when reality hits, Nala uncovers Mike’s true colours and her father’s secret affair, shielded by her self-sacrificing mom. In a rollercoaster of emotions, Nala’s heartbreak leads her to a surprising revelation: her seven siblings and her mom have been her unwavering support all along. Swapping resentment for empathy, she embraces her mother’s sacrifices. With a heartwarming twist, Nala selflessly uses her college savings to help her mother rediscovers herself. United by love and newfound understanding, Nala’s family stands stronger than ever, empowering her mom to seek a fresh start through a divorce. Through hilarious antics and touching sacrifices, Nala discovers that genuine happiness comes from the heart of her loving family, paving her path to self-discovery and contentment. Chill Out, Girl! is a delightful comedy-drama celebrating the power of love, laughter, and finding oneself within the colourful chaos of family.


  1. MARIA

            Director: Manuel Alberto Maia

            Scriptwriter: Ifan Ismail

            Producer: Damar Ardi



Petrus, a hopeless romantic young man, desperately wants to be accepted as a real man by going through the Sifon ritual, which involves sexual intimacy with an adult woman right after circumcision. For this purpose, he must choose the woman he likes on his own. However, he finds the process challenging and becomes caught in a dilemma when he discovers that Maria, who he is attracted to, is entangled in social prison.



            Director / Scriptwriter: Sinung Winahyoko

            Producer: John Badalu 

            Drama, Fantasy


Traumatized by the loss of his twin sister as a child, Indra (M/25) decides to become a transwoman to find the essence of her sister within herself following multiple signs from the sister to communicate with each other from another dimension. She aspires to be a real woman but ends up being a prostitute. She loses her passion for sex until she meets a soldier (M/30) who becomes her lover. One day, a strange eclipse attracts her to make love with the eclipse. As a consequence, she becomes pregnant and loses her five senses one after another. Not being able to find the answer to that phenomenon, she wanders to leave her past and have a new life. She returns to the village where she grew up and lost her twin sister. She starts life in the sinking coastal village to understand nature and herself in an effort to heal her childhood trauma.



            Director / Scriptwriter: Anggita Puri

            Scriptwriter: Melarissa Sjarief

            Producer: Florence Giovani

            Drama, Coming of Age


After her non-consensual intimate video goes viral, NADIRA (F/17) decides to move schools from Jakarta and start a new life in Bandung with her mother. Slowly, Nadira tries to recover from her trauma by joining the color guard of the marching band club at her new school. Nadira’s hope of moving forward peacefully crumbles when she learns that her team will compete against her old school’s marching band. Nadira must confront the resurfacing trauma when she meets her friends and former lover who caused deep wounds in her life. Alongside Nadira’s team qualifying for the finals alongside her old school’s team, Nadira’s video spreads throughout her new school, shattering her life for the second time. Nadira’s teammates are shocked, but they agree that her past does not affect anything and believe in the Nadira they have known. When Nadira finally decides to join the final competition, she and her best friend created an unexpected surprise: performing and having fun on the stage. Little did they know, some old school friends also join in, creating a moment that Nadira will cherish forever.

Short Film Projects


            Director / Scriptwriter: Sesarini

            Director: Ali Azca

            Producer: Dewangkoro Rinugroho

            Drama, Fantasy


A figure formed from past trauma rises from the dead in a dystopian world. Its presence is not realized by anyone. The figure lives following the journey of a family that lives individually under one roof and sees how the world has turned to the unreal. Humans have forgotten themselves and believe in things that are blurry and odd. There’s the mother who’s busy

buying low-quality items on her phone, the son who’s engrossed in swearing with older friends on VR games, and the father who steals time looking for tech-made women on social media. The figure does small, unnatural things, such as quieting a crying baby and preparing dinner together. The figure is trying to maintain balance. When an unusual thing is reciprocated with another unusual thing, at that moment the situation reverses, which was initially ignored, now people begin to recognize the existence of the figure. What she did was able to turn a cold family into one around the dinner table.



            Director / Scriptwriter: Rachmat H. Mustamin

            Producer: Whisnu Yonar



In a village in South Sulawesi, a married couple by the names of Haris and Jarra are keeping two pigs as an inheritance. One day, Pak Basyar, the Head of Village, appeals to the people to get rid of all of the forbidden animals in the village, so that they can receive a financial donation from a political party. The village has not received any development program assistance from the ruling political party since a long time. Approaching to the election day, the Star Crescent Party promised the Head of Village will provide program assistance with special condition. The party is aiming to enforce Islamic law in their territory. Therefore, one of the conditions proposed was that villagers who owned and kept haram or impure animals should be willing to kill their pets. Driven by the desire to acquire assistance from the Party, along with other village officials, the Village Head pressured the villagers to comply with the Party’s wishes. Amidst the pressure and frustration, Haris and Jarra find a way to fulfill the Village Head’s order.



            Director: Netanya Yemima

            Producer / Scriptwriter: Bela Nabila

            Comedy, Drama


During the afternoon picket after school, two best friends Kayla (12) and Heidi (12) accidentally killed Tejo, the school’s mascot fish who was just about to receive an award as the Most Handsome Fish in DKI Jakarta. Knowing Tejo was dead, the Principal was angry and announced that the culprit must be found. The Headmaster’s hysterical reaction made Kayla and Heidi decide to keep the incident a secret. They plan to erase their tracks by tricking everyone at school. Kayla and Heidi also pretended to investigate who the culprit was. They also recruited some of their friends to join their investigative team. The plan went smoothly, until they were caught by Timo (12), a classmate who was always Kayla’s rival in all subjects. Unintentionally, they missed some important details, which in the end lead Timo to discover that Kayla and Heidi were the culprits. When Timo reported this to the Principal, they apologized and in the end worked up the courage to criticize the Principal’s failure to provide a safe space at school.



            Director / Scriptwriter / Producer: Gugun Arief

            Producer: Paundra Wibatsu

            Action, Black Comedy


Tinah is a woman in her 40s who lives with her husband Wawan. Wawan, in his 40s, is a temperamental unemployed. One day at 12 pm Wawan ordered Tina to buy cigarettes. Tina obeyed so that Wawan would not go into a tantrum. Tina rode a motorbike to the shop which was located quite far from home. When she returned home, Tinah met several underage teenagers who were riding motorbikes. They attacked Tinah using sharp weapons. Chases and fights ensued on motorcycles that drove on deserted roads. Tenacious fight. Tinah returned home safely in a very tired condition, but Wawan cursed her.instead. Finally, Tinah releases the anger that she has buried for years toward Wawan.



            Director / Scriptwriter: Sarah Adilah

            Producer: Tazia Teresa Darryanto

            Drama, Suspense


NUR (27) is an NGO fieldworker in an isolated area of Bada Valley Poso, Central Sulawesi. She is 39-week pregnant. Nur’s current mission is to aid WANDA (15), a victim of sexual assault by her uncle, who is facing an unwanted pregnancy. Despite undergoing an investigation at the local police station, the case has not yet gone to court due to the perpetrator’s family’s willingness to accept a traditional penalty determined by the village council Wanda is 7 weeks pregnant and determined to abort the fetus. One day, during a village council gathering to resolve the case, a buffalo appears in front of Wanda’s house. Seizing the opportunity, Nur and Wanda decide to secretly ride motorcycles to seek a safe abortion procedure with RAHMA (30), an obstetrician at the hospital. During the arduous journey on the damaged roads, Nur begins to experience contractions. Taking charge of the motorcycle, Wanda ensures they reach their destination. Upon arriving at the hospital, Nur is rushed to the emergency room together with Wanda. In the midst of it all, Wanda whispers to Nur, congratulating her on giving birth to a baby. Nur whispers back, expressing her gratitude for Wanda’s unwavering courage.



            Director: Erlangga Radhikza

            Scriptwriter: Sofia Lo

            Producers: Tazia Teresa Darryanto, Fanni Mardhotillah



Rama (25) and Shinta (22) sit next to each other surrounded by guests, witnesses and the priest. The priest utters the words of approval, Rama is enthusiastic. “Sah!”, the wedding process is closed with a fanfare from the guests. Amidst the hubbub, the sound of an ambulance is heard. The hubbub turned to questions and worries. Guests start to leave the wedding ceremony and look at the sound source. The reception, which is planned to be festive, turns awkward, because a close neighbour of the bride’s family passed away suddenly. The mother of the bride insists on stopping the reception process, while the mother of the groom refuses because the event drains her family’s savings. Rama and Shinta have to mediate between their families. In fact, they were waiting for the event to finish so they could enjoy the first night soon. No one wants to give in, the two ceremonies inevitably continue to run side by side with each other. The vendors continue with the preparations for the reception, guests start to arrive to see the wedding sign and the funeral flag being put up side by side, as well as the “congratulations” and “my deepest condolences” wreaths.     

Public Lectures

Public Lectures on short films and the contemporary film industry landscape offer an enlightening exploration into the dynamic world of filmmaking. These engaging sessions bring together industry experts and seasoned professionals to delve into the challenges and strategies in short film production and the broader landscape of today’s film industry. These lectures are open to the general public for free.

1. (Not So) Long Story Short with Short Filmswith Wim Vanacker

Short films often become the path for filmmakers to enter the larger film industry. Nevertheless, Indonesian short films hardly make it to the international circuit. It is always challenging to produce one, yet an important playground for exploration and experimentation of the filmmakers. Will joining a film lab make the project take off? Is not having an accessible public fund will limit the production opportunity? Does understanding how the programmers of the film festival curate short films help to reduce the barrier to entry? We will have a not so short conversation with Wim Vanacker, mentor LOCK x Full Circle Lab 2023, who is one of the short film selection committee members at the Cannes Film Festival and will be moderated by Gayatri Nadya.

2. Film Industry Landscape Today. How To Keep Up? with Matthieu Darras, Alex Sihar, Meiske Taurisia

The situation of the international film industry changes rapidly, yet making a first feature is still very much complicated. Why are there more and more co-productions in film production? Can Indonesian first feature filmmakers get involved in the international co-production scheme? How do we access the public fund in Europe and Indonesia’s funding program Match Fund, which launched in Cannes last May? Where is the film lab at the moment towards the bigger landscape?

Meet Matthieu Darras, mentor and founder of Full Circle Lab, Ricky Pesik, Steering Committee of Indonesiana Film, Alex Sihar, Special Staff for the Director General of Culture, The Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology, Republic of Indonesia, and Meiske Taurisia founder of LOCK and producer at Palari Films.


The Open Imagination Project represents recognition and assistance for chosen short film project(s) that have undergone development within LOCK x Full Circle Lab 2023 and presented their projects to stakeholders. In this edition, the award includes film production grants and post-production support. Awards were provided with support from Base Entertainment, Bioskop Online, Palari Films, Super 8mm Studio, and Fourmix Jakarta Film Studio. Recipients of the awards are the following:

Film Production Grant presented by:

  1. Base Entertainment – “Tinah Buys Cigarettes” dir. Gugun Arief
  2. Bioskop Online – “Wedding Ceremony” dir. Erlangga Radhikza
  3. Palari Films – “Holy Days of Land and All that Remains” dir. Rachmat H. Mustamin

Film Post-Production Facilities Support by:

4. Super8mm Studio & Fourmix@ Jakarta Film Studio Post-Production Support – “Unexpected Day” dir. Sarah Adilah


LOCK – Full Circle Lab Indonesia is led by Meiske Taurisia & Lisabona Rahman on behalf of Yayasan Cipta Citra Indonesia, and by Matthieu Darras on behalf of Tatino Films.

The mentors include the producers Iza Igel (Poland) and James Hewison (Australia) consulting the projects of the Development Lab; the scriptwriter & script consultants Antoine Waked (Lebanon), Mmabatho Kau (South Africa), and Wim Vanakcer (Belgium) and Tatino Films Director and CEO, Matthieu Darras also consulting the Development Lab projects.

Mmabatho Kau - Full Circoe Lab Philippines 2021



Antoine Waked is an experienced professional in cinema mentorship and education. Since 2011 he has served as a development executive at Abbout Productions, a leading film production company in Lebanon.
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He is the co-founder and artistic director of the Maskoon Fantastic Film Festival, the only festival of its kind in the Arab world, and the Maskoon Fantastic Lab, focusing on the development of Arab genre films. Antoine Waked also held the position of director of the cinema section at Alba University from 2021 to 2023, where he has taught writing and directing since 2005. Antoine’s activities include script consultations for international films, mentoring for screenwriting labs, and delivering lectures on genre cinema. He co-directed the award-winning documentary A Certain Nasser which explores the life of Lebanese pioneer filmmaker Georges Nasser.



A Warsaw-based film producer, Iza Igel has a background in television and advertising, working for several years for leading companies such as TVN and Endemol. She then moved to film marketing, notably collaborating to this day with Best Film, a Polish distributor focusing on arthouse cinema.
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Her first feature as producer, Floating Skyscrapers by Tomasz Wasilewski, won the East of the West Award at Karlovy Vary 2013. She notably produced Wild Roses by Anna Jadowska (Impact Award, Stockholm 2017) and The Hatcher by Grzegorz Mołda (Tallinn 2022), and co-produced Nelicia Low’s Pierce – the first Polish-Singaporean-Taiwanese co-production. Iza Igel is a graduate of EAVE and Wajda school, and regularly mentors at the Łodź Film School. She joined Tatino Films in 2019, currently co-head of the Full Circle Lab Philippines, the Munich Film Up!, and the Pop Up Film Residency Visegrad programs.


Patrick Mao Huang Pimpaka TOWIRA Advisor Full Circle Lab Philippines 2021
Mmabatho Kau - Full Circoe Lab Philippines 2021



James Hewison has worked across development, acquisitions, exhibitions, and distribution to curating, programming, and producing. He has accumulated substantial and diverse experience across the film and allied creative industries. He was the Executive Director of the Melbourne International Film Festival where he founded the pioneering “Accelerator” talent incubator, then CEO of the Australian Film Institute.
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He was subsequently Distribution Manager for Madman Entertainment, Head of Film at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, and then Head of Development and Acquisitions for the award-winning Curious Film. James Hewison was an Associate Producer on Justin Kurzel’s Nitram (Best Actor, Cannes 2021), and more recently co-producer and co-writer of the US filmmaker Rick Charnoski’s micro-budget Warm Blood. He is currently a script consultant, and the founder and Creative Director of innovative cross-disciplinary creative residency, Atelier.



Matthieu Darras is the founder and CEO of TATINO FILMS that designs film and talent development programs worldwide since 2019, such as the First Cut Lab, the Pop Up Film Residency, or the Full Circle Lab. Tatino Films’ activities nurture about 120 film projects a year benefiting filmmakers from roughly 50 countries.
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Matthieu Darras previously worked for leading film festivals as an advisor or programmer, such as Cannes, Venice, and San Sebastian between 2005 and 2018. He was at the inception of the TorinoFilmLab in 2008 and served as its artistic director until 2018. He founded and directed the European Network of Young Cinema NISI MASA, and wrote for the film magazine Positif for about 15 years.

Mmabatho Kau - Full Circoe Lab Philippines 2021



Mmabatho Kau is currently head of scripted content at Rapid Blue, a Johannesburg-based production company. In her 20-year creative journey, she has worked as a producer, broadcaster, development executive as well as a script consultant.
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Roles that have harnessed her love for story and helping writers find their voice as storytellers. Her catalogue of work, as a script consultant, ranges from novel adaptations to politically potent films such as Kalushi: The Solomon Mahlangu Story (2016) or This is Not a Burial, it’s a Resurrection (Visionary Award Sundance 2020). In 2017 Mmabatho was invited to mentor in Realness, a Pan African writing residency. She has also mentored, amongst other programs, for the Full Circle Lab Philippines since 2019, Attagirl Lab, BoostNL, and Biennale College. She also attended as a participant in the TorinoFilmLab, EAVE, and the Rotterdam Lab.



After studying psychology in Belgium, Wim Vanacker moved to Dublin to work as a psychologist in the field of drug addiction. Three years later, he picked up studying again at EICAR film school where he made two shorts. He then became the Head of European Short Pitch.
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For the last six years, he’s been a member of the Selection Committee for the Short Film Competition of the Cannes Film Festival. Furthermore, he works as an Editorial Consultant for the First Cut Lab and he’s responsible for the Works-in-Progress Showcase of the Red Sea International Film Festival. On the side, he works as a script consultant, creative advisor, programmer, curator, tutor and guest speaker for many workshops, film festivals and projects in development.


19th September 2023 – Plenary & Group Sessions

20th to 21st  September 2023 – Plenary Session & Individual Consultations

22nd September 2023 – Public Lectures & Presentation of Films


LOCK – Full Circle Lab Indonesia in an initiative of Yayasan Cipta Citra Indonesia and Tatino Films, with the support of the Directorate of Film, Music, and Media, Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia.


Yayasan Cipta Citra Indonesia

Yayasan Cipta Citra Indonesia (YCCI) started its activities in 2012 and eventually became a legal foundation in 2014. YCCI’s vision is to maintain the sustainability of film and audiovisual media in Indonesia as a tool to promote creativity, cultural diversity, knowledge exchange, and dynamic participation in the film and audiovisual industries.

 YCCI’s mission is to conduct film distribution and screening activities, exhibitions, training, and research inside and outside Indonesia. Our activities have very specific functions and are planned to apply ideas about developing the capacity of filmmakers and film audiences and at the same time exploring various economic potentials for filmmakers.


Directorate of Film, Music, and Media

The Directorate of Film, Music, and Media was established in 2020 under the Directorate General of Culture, Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology. The Directorate of Film, Music, and Media has several organizational tasks specifically in film, music, and media. Some of these core tasks include (1) formulating the strategic policy; (2) planning for the coordination and implementation of the policies; and (3) regulating the norms, standards, procedures, and criteria for the technical policy in films, music, and media. (4) planning for the development of national film, music, and media; (5) preparing for granting film activities and business plans; and (6) monitoring and facilitating the license for foreign filmmakers in Indonesia. The Directorate of Film, Music, and Media is consistently present and supports every Indonesian filmmaker who works for and wins awards at various foreign film festivals. This is a real form of the presence of the Indonesian government for national film production and actors, also advancing and strengthening the Indonesian film ecosystem.